A free day out at Pett Level Beach, Sussex.

After recently having our bank account hacked for the second time in two months, I found myself without cash, nor a working bank card. OK, I could have driven to the nearest town, parked and gone into the bank to withdraw cash, but our nearest branch is seven miles away and would have been a huge hassle. But, I am really rather lazy, so I raided my piggy bank, scraped together enough coins to pay for any parking fees and drove to Pett Level Beach in East Sussex. Pett Level is a small village on the coast road between Hastings and Rye and wonderful for a winter walk. It was the perfect place to blow away the negative thoughts about hackers and what should happen to them, from my increasingly depraved mind.

Rocks pools on Pets Level Beach
I had the beach to myself.

There is something quite wonderful about being alone on a beach. My footsteps were the first to mark the sand and I could walk without hearing other voices. OK, so after a few minutes other people turned up but for a short while, there was just me, the sea and the sound of Lapwings on the wind.

Pett Level Beach is one of the few places left that consumerism hasn’t touched. There are no shops, no pubs and although there is a small tea room, it was closed when I visited. The beach is long and pebbly and great for dog walkers. There is a long concrete promenade which is good for the less mobile and parking is free, so I didn’t need my piggy bank pennies after all. One end of the beach is mostly pebbles, but its when the tide goes out that the magic is revealed.

Rocks and treasure pools.

The tide appears to recede quite quickly at Pett Level beach and I was able to walk through rock pools and over sandy areas. I was also able to see the remains of an ancient forest, which apparently is left over from the Ice Age. I found shells and small sea creatures and I was told by a local that Seals often visit the area when the tide is in. There is a view over to East Sussex and if I’d had more time I would have loved to have walked further. Pett Level Beach is definitely on my list of places to revisit. One word of caution, whilst I was walking there was a small rockfall from the cliffs, but I think it’s just sensible not to walk too close to cliffs anyway.

Here are some of the positives

  • Free parking.
  • There is a small tea shop with an Ice Cream shack.
  • There are lots of rock pools,
  • It’s level and good for walking of all abilities, including wheelchairs.
  • It’s good for a family visit, although you may wish to take snacks and drinks in winter.
  • It’s near to the towns of Rye and Winchelsea.

Would I revisit… definitely. I can’t wait to take my small grandaughter rock pooling. When the weather warms up, we will take our buckets and spades and hope that the tide reveals its magic to her.

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